Antenna experiment

On Saturday 1 May 2021 I carried out some antenna tests using 4 different antennas, using FT8 on 20 metres. I put out 5 CQs with each antenna using 10 watts. I used 10 watts as it is the UK foundation license limit. Solar flare index was low at 71. All the transmissions were carried out in a 20 minute period.

The antennas were –

  1. TGM MQ24SR Hybrid Quad,
  2. Homemade Inverted L
  3. Diamond WD 30s compact broadband dipole
  4. Homemade magnetic loop.


End of Inverted L and Diamond WD30s

Homemade Loop.

Here are the results

MQ24SR beam heading west

Inverted LDiamond WD30S

Homemade Loop